Saturday, November 29, 2014

(: NEWS "D.28/11 2014 :)
`*•.¸♥ SL Harbor La Luna Bay City ♥¸.•*´
Hej All we had a Great Grand Opening of the Club Saturday the T15
was super fun and we had lot of guests here :D
So ty all so much for coming :D

Her sum Photos from it
lol it was Best in Bunny if u are wondering lol

we had a small Delay sadly :(

" but don't worry :D "

we are now Starting-up for real and we soon have DJs playing  7 days of the week :D
And Ty to

for the Lovely Gift Cards :D
there's still some left folks, for the First Prize when we have contest :D
and some Gifts from LULUs as well

BIG NEWS this week:
The Great news
that we're going to work together with a RL Record Label :D
so if u are a DJ who Produces your own stuff or a Vocalist then u might get to release your stuff for real in RL :D
just com Play for us and we make sure they come and hear your stuff wen you play
live here :D and if u ar good u might be lucky :D
More Details will come on the Blog soon :D

ok and please check this weeks schedules for when we have club :D

The Party Must Go On People :D
/人 ◕‿‿◕ 人\

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